Looking for a huge wall map for function or art?

We do that too! Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with a specialized quote for your project. After your quote is reviewed and your order placed, you’ll use our map builder to select your area of interest. With your map area in hand, we’ll send you a proof of your mural and get to printing. Murals come delivered in pre-cut panels on our wall paper like peel and stick fabric paper and have clear instructions for installation. It’s an easy DIY process and the end result is awesome!


Don’t worry, we’ll get you a price quote over email once you fill out the form below. For reference, our standard map variations are $6/square foot and premium map variations are $8/square foot.

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Exact Feet and Inches (e.g. 6' 6")
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Tell us what style of map you would like. To see our map styles visit the map styles page (https://www.kartamaps.com/map-styles)