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Tony lapratt’s ulm ultimap

Karta has teamed up with Tony LaPratt's Ultimate Land Management to create specialized maps of your property.  We provide Tony a map of your property for your ULM day, he marks it up and we finalize it. The process couldn't be easier! Get started below.


how it works



After you submit your order, we print a custom set of maps to Tony’s specifications complete with satellite photo, topography, and your property boundary and send it to you.  During your ULM Day, Tony uses this map to mark up with his recommendations and sends back to us for clean up.  We finalize it into a high quality ULM 'master plan' of Tony's recommendations, print it on waterproof - tearproof paper, and send it back to you.  


Step 1:  Order Your Map

Select "Add to Cart" below and an order form will appear.  Fill it out so we have accurate information about your property location.  Our cartographers will get to creating a draft of your map!  


Step 2:  Review Your Map

We will send you an email when a draft of your map is ready. If all looks good, let us know and we'll get to printing.  Make sure you approve your map 14 days prior to your ULM Day!


Step 3:  We'll Ship it for Free

Because who really likes to get to the checkout and find that added $15 shipping charge.  Once your prints are complete, we'll securely package them and get 2 copies priority service to your doorstep.


Not so good with this online computer world ... call us at (719) 293-2442 and our team will set you up!





How much does the package cost? . . .

Prices range depending on property size:
200 Acres or Less | $350 (Free Shipping)
200-500 Acres or Less | $400 (Free Shipping)
500 Acres or Greater | $450 (Free Shipping)

Are your maps printed to Tony's specifications... . . .

YES! We've teamed with Tony to provide your maps to his EXACT liking. The sizes requested in his documenation are only guidelines if you bring your own map. Our ULM Ultimap package gives Tony the tools he needs to provide the most effective recommendations for your land.

What Exactly do I get in the package... . . .

Before your ULM Day
1 Full Color Existing Conditions Map 20"x30"in size
1 Faded Color Existing Conditions Map 20"x30" in size (For Tony's Recommendations)
2 Full Color Existing Conditions Pocket Maps 10"x15"in size
Free Priority Map Shipping

After your ULM Day
1 Full Color ULM Recommendations Map 20"x30"in size
2 Full Color ULM Recommendations Pocket Maps 10"x15"in size
Free Priority Map Shipping

Do you use Google Maps Imagery on your Maps? . . .

Unfortunately, Google does not license their imagery for purposes such as this. As such, we don't access our imagery from Google Earth, Google Maps or any other mobile platform you might use or see. Fortunately, we've sourced two other high quality aerial imagery variations to utilize. Depending on your location we'll use the best imagery we have access to.

World Imagery
Our World Imagery layer utilizes 0.5m resolution imagery in the continental United States and parts of Western Europe from DigitalGlobe. The update schedule for any given location is random, so imagery dates may vary.

US Imagery
Our US imagery is is usually updated every other year for each state. Acquired from the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP), this layer features high-resolution (1m or better) aerial imagery for the continental United States, made available by the USDA Farm Services Agency. Once updated by NAIP, it is integrated into our Forest Series maps immediately. Provided below is a summary by state of when images on this layer where taken.

Summer 2017 | Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.
Summer 2016 | California, Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia.

Summer 2015 | Maine, Montana

Free 2-3 Day Priority Shipping? Tell me more... . . .

Who really likes to get to the cart and find added cost you didn't expect? That's why Karta ships all orders in the Continental United States for FREE via USPS Priority Service. USPS Priority Service usually gets it from our door to your location in 2-3 business days. Unfortunately, due to high costs and taxes associated with international shipments to Canada, we charge a decreased flat rate at checkout.


 ulm works!

"Having worked with Tony and his team on our whitetail property in southwestern Wisconsin, I'm confident our ULTIMAP process will leave you satisfied.  In fact, it's my guarantee ... if your not happy with our maps we'll make it right!"