How are you different from the other guys? . . .

Map Creation
First off, our map builder is unlike anything found out there. Given that it is completely dynamic, you see your map features and selections update immediately on the screen as you make them. You can adjust and readjust a thousand times before buying. Our competitors require you to speculate about your area of interest by drawing standard boxes on generic google earth image interfaces (Which won't be what you get on your maps ... See below. To us that seems like a bit of a bait and switch.

Map Proofs
Once you've lined up your map just the way you like it, you can preview the exact final product within minutes! By selecting 'Review Map' on our Map Builder we start immediately building your map exactly to your specifications and boom a PDF proof is ready. You can download it to check quality, features, position, etc. Not what you were expecting ... close it up and return to the Map Builder to adjust. Repeat as many times as you like before hitting the checkout. The other guys don't show you what your getting, charge you before you get a proof and then you have to wait days for the proof to be emailed.

Turnaround Time
Since you know exactly what your getting when you order and your map has already been created, we can get to producing it. And unlike the other guys, we always ship Free 2-3 Day Priority Shipping* in the Continental US so you don't sit around for weeks wondering when it will show up.

Our Map Builder has been designed to put you in control so we don't have to pay high priced cartographers to sit around all day waiting to build maps. The result, lower prices on your custom maps and higher focus on customer service. Compared to the other guys, our custom maps average 30-50% lower in price. Oh yeah, and don't forget about our always free priority shipping that they charge on top of map prices.

Immediate proofs, fast turnaround, lowest prices and free shipping .... any other questions?

Do you use Google Maps Imagery on your Forest Series Maps? . . .

Unfortunately Google does not license their imagery for purposes such as this. As such, we don't access our imagery from Google Earth, Google Maps or any other mobile platform you might use or see. Our aerial imagery is usually updated every other year for each state. Once updated, it is integrated into our Forest Series maps.

Free 2-3 Day Priority Shipping? Tell me more . . .

Who really likes to get to the cart and find added cost you didn't expect? That's why Karta ships all orders in the Continental United States for FREE via USPS Priority Service. USPS Priority Service usually gets it from our door to your location in 2-3 business days. Unfortunately, due to high costs and taxes associated with international shipments to Canada, we charge a decreased flat rate at checkout.