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Trying to figure it out, want to learn how to customize your map, or have a general question? Scroll down to find the answer! If you don’t find it here contact us at and we’ll help get you on your way.

process / map builder faqs


How does your map making service work? ⬇︎

Step 1. You Design your map using our Interactive Map Builder
Step 2. You Review a PDF proof of your map immediately
Step 3. We print and ship FREE 2-3 day priority

How does your map builder work? ⬇︎

You Design your map using our FREE Interactive Map Builder. Your design options will show on the left and a view of your map on the right. As you choose your options and features you'll see your features dynamically update on screen in front of you so there's no guessing what your going to get. Others claim to have a "map builder" like ours, but with theirs you can't see your map, edit it, add features, review it, adjust it ... all from one screen like you can with ours. Go ahead, we invite you to play around as much as you like before ever having to buy, sign up, or sit around for a week waiting for draft.

Will I get a proof of my map? ⬇︎

Yes, you can select "review map" at any time. Do you really want wait a week to find out what your map is going to look like when you could see it in a matter of minutes?! Want to change something ... no problem ... just update it on the map builder and review again. You can proof, review and edit your map as many times as you want before ever having to buy. Keep in mind you will see your map on right on screen as you build it as well, but in order to be so dynamic and responsive it often represents some lables and elements a bit more "cartoon like" than the final print will read. Make sure to "review map" to see the final rendered version.

How long does the process take? ⬇︎

Our service is the faster than any alternative out there. You can design and proof your map in a matter of minutes. Once you submit your order you'll get your map in 5-7 days (if not sooner). Once we've shipped you'll recieve an email with tracking information.

Can I add custom features, overlays and labels to my map? ⬇︎

Yes, our Map Builder makes it easy to add the features you want. In fact that's why our map builder is unlike anything else out there. You can customize your map as much as you want using our extensive options of locations, basemaps, map types, page sizes, scales, overlays, markers, labels, grids and more. We put you in control so you make it the way you want, not some cartographer trying to guess what you want your map to look like. Check out our Features page to learn more

Can I Import Data I have from Google Earth, onX, Gaia, Avenza, etc. into my map? ⬇︎

You can also do that! Under 'Custom Features' on our Map Builder there is an option to add .GPX, .KML, or GEOJSON files to your map. Simply export and save your data out of your GPS, Google Earth or favorite app to a .gpx or .kml to file on your computer. Select the "Import KML / GPX / GEOJSON" button our map builder and select the file from your computer. Your geo-located data will drop right on the map in the right place and be added to the features list. From there you can re-style the colors, line types, text and icons using our features library.

Can I have you make my map? ⬇︎

If your not so good with computers and looking for something simple like a game unit map, give us a call and we can get you on your way. For more unique, customized projects where you need specialized cartography or graphic design - shoot us an email and describe your project. We'll get back to you with a customized quote.



How much do your maps cost? ⬇︎

Map Cost
Our Map Builder displays your price at the bottom and will adjust based on your selections. To bring you so many great options, we have to pay higher costs for some basemaps and materials. The cost of your map will only adjust on factors of basemap (premium vs. standard), size, and type selected. Customized features and overlays are always FREE and will never affect your price.

What are the sizing options? ⬇︎

Map Builder Sizes
Our Map Builder lets you choose the size of the map that fits your area of interest and budget. You can choose whether they are lanscape or portrait. Here are the options:

Standard Map Type: 10"x15" (3 Pack), 15"x22", 20"x30", 30"x45", 40"x60"
Outdoor Map Type: 15"x22", 20"x30", 30"x45", 40"x60"
Poster Map Type: 15"x22", 20"x30", 30"x45", 40"x60"
Magnetic Map Type: 15"x22", 20"x30", 30"x45"

Custom Sizes
Have a special project in mind? We can print nearly any size you can imagine. Individual sheets can be printed up to 48 inches x 96 inches in size. Want to make mural out of it, several sheets can be tiled together and installed as a mural. Visit our Custom Maps page to get started with an order.

Are the maps dry-erase writeable? ⬇︎

Yes! You can use the following dry erase products on our maps:

Standard Map Type: Dry Erase Crayon or liquid chalk
Outdoor Map Type: Dry Erase Crayon or liquid chalk
Poster Map Type: Dry Erase Marker, Crayon or liquid chalk
Magnetic Map Type:Dry Erase Marker, Crayon or liquid chalk

Dry Erase Tips
- Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off dry erase markups while still relatively fresh.
- Use a wet cloth or paper towel to wipe off dry erase markups that have been on the map for awhile and dried.
- Keep in mind that if your map gets wet, your markups may get wiped off. If wanting to mark up your map for hardcore field use, we recommend adding features and labels from our map builder so they are printed on. Alternatively, use a permanent marker.

Do have Public Land Maps? ⬇︎

We sure do! As a huge advocate of public lands, we've made it a point to help you find them. With select basemaps, public lands boundaries are displayed and printed on your map.

Atlas Series Public Lands Basemaps
Our Atlas Public Lands and Forest Public Lands maps show clearly delineated and beautifully styled boundaries between private, US Forest Service, BLM, State, National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclaimation, and Bureau of Indian Affairs Lands throughout the western US.

Forest Series Public Lands Basemaps
Utilizing the same data as the Atlas Series, our Forest Public Lands maps show clearly delineated and beautifully styled boundaries between private, US Forest Service, BLM, State, National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclaimation, and Bureau of Indian Affairs Lands throughout the western US.

Classic Series Basemaps
Many of our Classic Series basemaps, including the USGS and Forest Service variations, show the delineations of public lands throughout the US.

North Series Basemaps
Much like the Classic Series, Canada's Canmatrix maps (Canada's USGS map equivalent) shows the delineations of public lands throughout Canada.

Do you have maps outside the USA? ⬇︎

Yes, our mapping database covers the world. Our most complete library covers the USA, followed by Canada, and then the rest of the world. We're constantly building and updating our basemap library, so check back for international updates.

How new is your 'Forest Series' Aerial Imagery? ⬇︎

Unlike other map companies out there we give you two different options of aerial imagery so you can find the newest and best resolution for your area of interest. The imagery is constantly being updated when new photos are taken. Typically, most areas are within the past two years. You'll see the imagery you get right on screen with our Map Builder and see a proof right away to be able to check the quality.

World Imagery
Our World Imagery layer utilizes 0.5m resolution imagery in the continental United States and parts of Western Europe from DigitalGlobe. The update schedule for any given location is random, so imagery dates may vary but is usally the newest and highest resolution.

US Imagery
Our US imagery is is usually updated every other year for each state. Acquired from the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP), this layer features high-resolution (1m or better) aerial imagery for the continental United States, made available by the USDA Farm Services Agency. Once updated by NAIP, it is integrated into our Forest Series maps immediately.

Google Imagery?
Unfortunately, Google does not license their imagery for purposes such as this. As such, we don't access our imagery from Google Earth, Google Maps or any other mobile platform you might use or see. Fortunately, we've sourced two other high quality aerial imagery variations to utilize.

Do you have an app? ⬇︎

Not exactly. We're focused on providing our customers the most advanced, beautiful, and functional printed maps on the market. Our printed maps don't have batteries and they won't get broken if you draw on them or throw em around. In essence, we're keeping it old school in the modern age. That said, we all love our mobile devices and our maps get generated as digital GEO PDF's ... meaning they georeferenced to their location on earth. With our Mobile Map option your customized map can be delivered as a link and imported into Avenza, a GPS cable app that can show your GPS posiiton even when your phone is offline.



What shipping service do you use? ⬇︎

Free Priorty Shipping via USPS
Yes, you read it right. The price you see on the map builder is the price you pay. Who really likes to get to the cart and find added cost you didn't expect? That's why Karta ships all orders in the Continental United States for FREE via USPS Priority Service. USPS Priority Service usually gets it from our door to your location in 2-3 business days. Unfortunately, due to high costs and taxes associated with international shipments to Canada, we charge a decreased flat rate at checkout.

How will my map be packaged? ⬇︎

The standard, outdoor, and poster variations are shipped in a rigid tube. Folded variations will ship in a priority envelope. The magnetic map ships in a rigid box via UPS.

Will I get tracking information? ⬇︎

Yes, once your package has shipped you will recieve a notification from the USPS with tracking information.

Return Policy? ⬇︎

Our map builder and review process allows you to see exactly what your getting before you buy so we have confidence you'll be happy with your order. But we stand behind everything we make, so if your product isn't what you expected let us know and we'll do everything reasonably possible to make it right.



How are you different from the other guys? ⬇︎

Map Creation
First off, our Map Builder is unlike anything found out there. Given that it is completely dynamic, you see your map features and selections update immediately on the screen as you make them. You can adjust and readjust a thousand times before buying. Our competitors claim to have a map builder, but yet require you to speculate about your area of interest by drawing standard boxes on generic interfaces with features you can't even get on your map. With us, its all right there on one dynamic interface.

More Basemap Options
We're continually building on our extensive libary of basemaps and feature sets. With others you'll have few options of topo style basemaps or aerial imagery to choose from. With Karta, you have 15 basemaps to choose from! In addition to basemaps, our DIY feature overlays, integration and customization options are endless.

Worldwide Coverage
Beyond our extensive options for the US and Canada, we've integrated satellite imagery and topo basemap options for the entire world! That's right, you won't find that anywhere else.

Custom Features and Overlays
Our Map Builder lets you add and style labels, lines, markers, icons, navigational grids, acreage grids, scales and titles. Not to mention you bring in your own data. Not even an option with other companies out there. Why pay for a customized map thats not even customizable?!

Map Proofs
Once you've lined up your map just the way you like it, you can preview the exact final product within minutes! By selecting 'Review Map' on our Map Builder we start immediately building your map exactly to your specifications and boom a PDF proof is ready. You can download it to check quality, features, position, etc. Not what you were expecting ... close it up and return to the Map Builder to adjust. Repeat as many times as you like before hitting the checkout. The other guys don't show you what your really getting, charge you before you get a proof and then you have to wait a week for the proof to be emailed.

Turnaround Time
Since you know exactly what your getting when you order and your map has already been created, we can get to producing it. And unlike the other guys, we always ship Free 2-3 Day Priority Shipping in the Continental US so you don't sit around for weeks wondering when it will show up. You'll have your map from us in the same time your just getting a proof from the other guys.

Our Map Builder has been designed to put you in control so we don't have to pay high priced cartographers to sit around all day waiting to build maps. The result, lower prices on your custom maps and higher focus on customer service. Compared to the other guys, our custom maps average 30-50% lower in price. Oh yeah, and don't forget about our always free priority shipping that they charge on top of map prices.

More options, Immediate proofs, fast turnaround, lowest prices and free shipping .... any other questions?