Introducing Atlas

Introducing our exclusive Atlas Series - the most beautiful, accurate, and up-to-date topographic maps of the United States’ outdoors. We've teamed up with our friends at Natural Atlas to bring you better maps that are constantly evolving through crowdsourced data.  By deferring to the knowledge of those most in the know — like locals and recent users — a better map can be created than those old school variations we’ve gotten used. Natural Atlas offers open access to reading and editing maps to the public, in hopes of producing a better overall product. Data has been sourced from the Bureau of Land Management, The National Park Service, US Forest Service, US Geological Survey and US Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as fellow crowdsourcers, OpenStreetMap.



4,900+ Campsites

4,200+ Fishing Access Sites

1,300+ Dispersed Camping Areas

Countless Adventures

350,000,000+ Acres of Public Lands

215,000+ Miles of Trails

12,000+ Trailheads

6,000+ Public Campgrounds


Available in standard, public lands, or aerial photo variations, The Atlas series feature 40’ contours, roads, trails, campsites, areas of interest and a whole lot more.